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Show off Your Personalized Poker Chips

How many times have you found out that at the end of the night your high denomination cheap plastic chips was a few pieces more than when you and your poker buddies started your home poker game? Yes, it's hard to admit but there are some unscrupulous guys out there who will not think twice to rip you off and your guests by slipping in a few cheap plastic chips just like yours. And this will keep on happening every time you host your weekly home game because you wanted to save a few measly dollars by purchasing cheap plastic chips that look just like everybody else's. The irony of it is that you are too polite to tell your buddies that someone has been ripping off everybody at the table, so you decided to finally order a set of personalized poker chips.

On the appointed date of your home game, when everything is all set up, you bring out your new set of poker chips. Can you just imagine the look of surprise on their faces when they see your elegant, pricey looking personalized poker chips with your name and family coat of arms emblazoned on every piece. Best of all, you will relish the look of disappointment on the face of your suspected poker cheat when he realizes that his cheating days are finally over - thanks to your personalized poker chips.

So when your buddies ask you for advice about personalized poker chips, tell them not to buy those cheap plastic chips that offer to have these "personalized" with pathetic gold foil stamping that "clink" cheaply when tossed on the pot. Tell them to order a set just like your that sound with a solid "thud" and feel heavy in their hands while shuffling or stacking them on the felt table. Then, give them a few minutes to admire your beautiful set of personalized poker chips that shows your name and full bleed colored custom artwork that can not be counterfeited just like those you have been using in the casinos.

Perhaps, you may want to caution your buddies as well that personalized poker chips, like yours are quite pricey because they are made of casino grade composite that will practically last their lifetime. Because of their durability, uniqueness and beauty these personalized poker chips would qualify as a coveted family heirloom that their succeeding generations will enjoy for many, many poker years to come. But despite the price, you can bet that they will run off to their nearest poker accessories dealer to order their own personalized poker chips as soon as your home game is over.