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The Interest of Actor James Woods in Playing Poker

A lot of people from various professions are getting hooked on playing poker. Sometimes it is surprising to know that even lawyers and doctors become professional poker players. There are, in fact, a lot of Hollywood celebrities who also get hooked in playing poker, and this is the focus of our discussion. We will be taking a look at the career of Hollywood actor James Woods in the entertainment industry, as well as the poker industry.

James Woods is one of the many actors who are passionate about playing poker. This celebrity poker player, who allegedly has an intelligent quotient of 180, has experienced being nominated and winning awards for his acting skills in such motion pictures as "Ghosts of Mississippi," "Salvador," My Name is Bill W.," and "Promise." Aside from being successful in the motion picture industry, he is also a well-known television actor, having appeared in several television programs, including "ER," "Police Story," "Barnaby Jones," "The Rookies," "The Streets of San Francisco," and "Welcome Back Kotter."

Other motion pictures that James Woods has done include "Night Moves," "The Choirboys," "Raid on Entebbe," "Against All Odds," and "The Way We Were."

James Woods' success in the entertainment industry enabled him to be offered for his name and face to be featured in the Web site He accepted such offer and made such Web site one of the most well-known poker sites on the Internet. Despite having played poker for approximately two years only, this celebrity poker player has already proved himself and does seem like he really has a gift for playing such casino game. In fact, at the Los Angeles Poker Classic, this celebrity poker player emerged victorious by placing 24th out of the six hundred ninety two poker players who participated in the event. He took home a total of US$40,000 from such event alone.

James Woods is one generous celebrity poker player as well because he has been playing at the World Poker Tour on behalf of the American Stroke Association charity. Aside from the World Poker Tour, this celebrity poker player has also participated in several television programs that feature poker tournaments, including "Poker Royale" and "Celebrity Poker Showdown."

The real name of this celebrity poker player is James Howard Woods. He was born on April 18, 1947 ion Vernal, Utah. His relationship with his first wife, Kathryn Morrison, lasted for only three years, while his relationship with his second wife, Sarah Owen, lasted for a year only.