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Crazy 4 Poker Rules: How to Play, How to Win

Win poker 2 ways plus earn crazily huge super bonuses with crazy 4 poker! This is the poker game with a zest. Here, there no other players to play your hand against, no rounds of wagering, no community cards, no community pot. Just play a good hand, and get paid with mind-whooping payoffs.

Crazy 4 poker rules are slightly patterned after 5 card poker. Crazy 4 poker rules were the creation of Roger Snow, the same gaming genius who brought us 4 card poker.

In essence, though, crazy 4 poker rules are closer to Caribbean stud than hold 'em games. Instead of playing against other players, there's only you and the dealer. On another hand, you and the dealer will be dealt with 5 cards each, but you will be using only 4 of these cards. You will be seated on a table that has four circles drawn on its surface. These four circles are the types of bets the game has. According to the Crazy 4 Poker rules as laid down by Roger Snow, the dealing of cards commences after you have wagered.

Queen's Up is one type of bet that you can take. Here, your object is not to beat the dealer but to have a hand that is included in the game's winning poker hands. Each poker hand here wins a different payout, and the list of winning poker hands are as follows:

Two Queens or better: this pays 1:1. Two pairs: pays 2:1. Straight: pays 3:1 Flush: pays 4:1 Three of a Kind: pays 8:1 Straight flush: pays 40:1 Four of a kind: pays 50:1

The three other circles on the table are interrelated bets. That is, they make up one game that follows a different set of Crazy 4 Poker rules. These bets are Ante, Super Bonus, and Play.

To begin this game, you wager on Ante and Super Bonus. Both bets must be of the same amount. Fold vs. play--- these are your choices after you've seen your cards. By folding, you automatically have your Ante and Super Bonus wagers forfeited.

If you play, on the other hand, you are to raise by placing a bet once more; this time, on the Play circle. Generally, you raise only the same amount that you placed on your Ante. If your hand has a pair of Aces or higher, however, then you can bet to as much as the tripled amount of your Ante.

Like 3 card poker, the dealer's hand in this game must "qualify." According to crazy 4 poker rules, to "qualify" means that the dealer's hand must include a King or a higher card. If the dealer's hand has none, the dealer will pay the player 1:1 on the raise bet. The Ante wager will push.

To win on Ante and Raise, the player's 4-card hand rank must be better than the dealer's. This pays 1:1 on both bets.

If the dealer has the higher hand, the dealer will collect both Ante and Raise bets. To win on Super Bonus, the player must have any of the following hands:

Four Aces pays 200:1 Four of a kind (2 - King) pays 30: Straight flush pays 15:1 Three of a kind pays 2:1 Straight pays 3:1 Flush pays 1:1

Super Bonus will pay regardless of who has the winning hand in Ante and Raise.

Play against the dealer or play against the paytable? The choice is yours. Crazy 4 poker rules show that either way, you have the chance to win the big payoffs simply by playing a good hand.