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Are Freerolls Worth Your Time?

The tremendous popularity of poker is sending ripples all around the world because of media hype on high stakes tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the accessibility of Internet poker rooms. Hordes of poker players aspiring to improve their skills are lining up for the chance to play in online poker tournaments called freerolls that do not require any entry fees or buy-ins. There are two types of freerolls: the first type is accessible only to members because it has certain requirements to qualify such as a valid real money account or frequent player points with the sponsoring poker room, while the second type is open to all because it does not impose any requirements at all.

It is not uncommon to see almost every poker enthusiast on the planet crowding in freerolls that are open to all. Everybody - young and old alike, from poker novices to professionals register in these free tournaments. Regardless of the disparity in skill, the sheer number of participants, which frequently exceed two thousand players at a time, levels more or less the playing field. With that kind of a competition, the skill of even the best poker card sharp will be an insignificant factor in winning the free tourney. Add to this the four to five hours that it will take the freerolls players to compete for a miniscule prize that typically amounts from ten to twenty dollars. All these might be disappointing to you especially if you believe that you have better and more lucrative ways to spend your time and energy.

If you think these free tournaments that are open to all is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you could consider member freerolls where you will comparatively have lesser competition because players need to meet certain requirements before they are allowed to play. Consequently, it will take much lesser time to finish the tournament and the prize pool will conceivably be much bigger that is why you can expect the quality of play to be a bit better. Having said this, do not linger in freerolls. When you feel that your skills have improved, just walk away because you're done. Consider freerolls merely as your training camp for your ultimate goal of getting to where the action is. You could now set your sights on sitting in tournaments with real money buy-ins and gun for the pot that could change your life.