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Learning Poker My Way

What is the best way to learn poker?

In my own experience, I have utilized more than one ways just to be able to learn poker. First, I watched poker television programs that show poker tournament. The television is where I first got an idea of what Texas Hold'em poker is. I got myself familiarize with some terms associated with poker through watching games on television. I have come to know terms like all-in, bad beat and blinds. However, I confess that I do not fully understand what they mean during that time.

It dawned on me that it is not enough to watch poker games on television. I still do not understand the game's mechanics, the betting process and the actions. So, I decided to consult my friends.

Luckily, I discovered that I have a friend who knows a little about Texas Hold'em Poker. He is also just starting on learning this game, but still, he is ahead of me, so that would be just fine. At first, he asked me what little information I know about poker. I said I know all the rankings of the hands already, which he says is good, because other people do not even know what a full house means.

So, we moved on the different actions I can make in the game. He taught me about calling, folding, raising and checking. When I have understood them, he taught me the essence of bluffing. This is where the art of raising or not raising the bets really lies, he told me.

When I finally understood the basics and the complexities of poker, it was time to test my knowledge. We first started to play a free game so as for me to get the hang of it. When I said I am done getting the hang of it, we move the game up a notch by playing for real money.

At first, we played limit poker. I realized poker is more fun when there is money at stake, even if it isn't much. It is just more challenging that way. Days passed by and we decided it was time to play no limit poker with our friends. This was the time I got to really practice my poker skills. I realized that when the stake is higher, I learned more.

There is a way I have not still utilized to improve my poker skills, and that is to read a book. I intend to buy a poker book one of these days. But before that, I think I should check the internet first for some useful book reviews.