Poker has become one of the most popular games that the world has ever seen. Wherever you go, you can see evidence of the new craze. There are the fabulous poker rooms in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more. Poker has become so popular in fact, that it has begun to rival the older games such as chess and monopoly. However, the question must be asked, why it is that this game and not another is the one that has taken the world by storm? Why is poker guide so popular?

There are several reasons for this, and no real answer, since everyone has their own reasons for playing poker. In fact, there are as many reasons for playing poker as there are poker players. The reasons for the popularity of poker, however, can be traced back to its distant history, that did in fact go through all the different civilizations that we know today. Taught to sailors by the Persians, the game quickly spread through out the United States, and became popular in the gambling riverboats and casinos. However, at the time, this was considered to be the Golden Age of poker, since in the years that followed, over-saturation made it a game for old pensioners with their weekly poker games round the Formica kitchen tables.

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